Stephan und Bernd Bolz
Business manager: Stephan, Bernd Bolz
WERNER BOLZ is an owner run German family business. In our 40-year history we have us as a developer, manufacturer and service provider into a worldwide operating machine manufacturer of steel wool machines, welding electrodes and conveying equipment for breweries made a name.
The development and manufacture from high quality equipment solutions is become to the hallmark of the company and is through satisfied customers worldwide furred.
company building
company building
The WERNER BOLZ program:
  • Steel wool machines
  • Spare part manufacturing for steel wool machines - also for from other manufacturers
  • Production equipment for the manufacture of welding electrodes
  • Conveyor equipment for mills
  • Malt conveyor systems for breweries
  • Manufacture of parts

In close cooperation with production companies will our machines constantly evolving. We place the highest value on accuracy of and innovative capacity, in order to ensure the high quality of our products. This begins with the buying of the materials and will supported through our own manufacturing, assembly and through commissioning local specialists. So offers Werner Bolz highest germans mechanical engineering quality.

WERNER BOLZ is with machines for of the steel wool processing has long a household name for:  
  • particular ruggedness, reliability
  • stable value
  • service friendly constructions
  • simple operation
  • optimal service and
  • innovative solutions
40 years werner bolz

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