Features: WEBO II

Aggregates: 2
Wire diameter: 3.10
Speed: 250 - 280 kg/h
Processing of the wire in one operation
Steel wool of the highest quality
Wire fractures are virtually excluded


solid steel construction for quiet and vibration-free running of the machine
large grooved wheels to reduce the bending resistance of the wire
lubricating device on the knife bar for lubrication of the wire and the knives
72 stainless knife holder with a knife width of 120 mm
rugged worm gear with a efficiency of 98%
hardened and grinded worm wheels, (well worm wheels made of bronze) for a low power requirement
suction device for dust and fumes
free delivery of steel foundations, therefore a short and easy assembly with you

Technical data / WEB0 II

Aggregates 2
Wire diameter 3.10 mm
Output (approx) at an operating speed of 110 m/min 250 - 280 kg/h
Power consumption 110 kW
Number of knife holder 72
Wire passage 1
Operators 3
Wool quality 10 - 000
Total machine length 15 m
Total machine weight 13500 kg
40 years werner bolz

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